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What is XCONS? XCONS is a Space Opera Campaign set in an alternate Alternity Universe. (and best to tell it down flat – this setting has no aliens. No Fraal and none of those squid things you see in TV. At least, none that have been yet dicovered by mankind.) And unless you haven’t noticed the theme yet from the layout, it is a comic-book crew-based game of heroes and antiheroes set in a suicidal situation. The Game system will be Star HERO.

What characters is open for the game? Well, mostly anything that can fit in an Alternity space opera campaign. (Except ALIENS!) The game features ex-convicts in a suicidal mission that can possibly change their lives forever. It is originally slated to be a crew-based, character-driven space opera adventure – quite like X-Men, Chronicles of Riddick, and Firefly all bunched together. The Premise is about Freedom. Out of their prison cells, out of chains, in deep space, deep unexplored space, the infinity of the heavens before them, and still – these ex-convicts can’t seem to take off their leash. The Space Convicts do not even need to be bad guys, they could be misunderstood good people (in fact, this is highly suggested) with deep histories that ultimately leads them toward the psychoses that lead them to the slammer. The complete background of your history and your subsequent imprisonment should be discussed with the GM. It would be more fun if the players had no idea who you really were, and each episode peels out just a little bit more about each character.

Is this going to be one of those.. serious games? Well, yes, and no. The game should run with a bit of humor and drama, mystery and adventure. The seed of this idea came to me in watching both Riddick and Firefly, so it’ll roughly play like that. It will be a crew-based system – so expect many encounters where the need for teamwork (or more politically correct, crew-work)is essential. You are in deep space, and the only thing that divides you from the rest of the metal husks in space is your crew, and your ramshackle ship. A lot of things in the Verge would be beyond your capability to handle. The Firefly in Serenity could not hold a candle against a Star Destroyer, yet the crew always managed to outsmart them. The same can be told in this campaign. There are no level limits to your antagonists, and surviving them relies much on your luck, your intelligence, or even your bargaining skills.

So, what’s the character point distribution? Being mutants, you will all be allowed the standard low-powered superheroic HERO distribution. Here is a quick list:
  • | Low Powered Superheroic Campaign
  • | 150 Base Points, 100 Max Disadvantages (Total: 250)
  • | Characteristics: 30
  • | Speed 3
  • | Base Combat Values 11
  • | Damage Classes 12, Active Points 75
  • | Skill Points 80
  • | Skill Roll 14-
  • | Def/RDef 12/6

What about vehicles? Can we buy starships? Since it is going to be a crew-based game, there will be a ship provided for the entire group. It is the F.S.S. Acarina – a crap-heap starship, but a starship nonetheless. If you wish to use another star vessel, it should at least fit inside the Acarina (Size 55) and of a lower power level. The Acarna uses the Standard Superheroic Limits.

Can I play Naruto/Goku? Please no, I need my brain. Also, this is not going to be an anime-inspired game.

If this is an Alternity game, can I use the old books to know the setting a bit more? Though I admire people taking time to read up on things for more game knowledge, I’d have to say no on this one. This is an alternate setting for Alternity Stardrive, and I’ve made quite a lot of changes (yes, I wiped out the aliens) so reading up on Fraal history would be useless. However, you may read up on the factions available in the Alternity books, since they are largely unchanged… except that the majority of the non-major factions are all in the Verge now, instead of the Stellar Ring. The map is also drastically changed. This lack of metaknowledge is my attempt to simulate just how the Galactic Federation tends to hide their secrets in Interstellar travel and mapping.

Is the game open for bluebooking? Yes. Absolutely. Extra experience points for good character development in the bluebooks. However, for the sake of saying it, a few notes. Bluebooking should only be used as a means for character development, and not to justify any ‘magic item’ that falls into your lap. Also important scenes should be RP’d not bluebook’d.

Is the game going to be serial or episodic? Both. At first, it is going to be mostly episodic, to allow players to get their ‘Space Feet’ quite right… then it will evolve into a serial character-driven (hopefully)plotline.

What’s up with those casting calls? I always use those, to help me and my players ‘visualize’ each others’ characters, settings, and backstories with a simple glance and by remembering that one single pop reference.

Any suggested books/ tv shows for this one? I suggest reading Star Wars KOTOR and Serenity comic books, since those are one of the most crew-based, non-mystical comics currently around. X-Men books written by Joss Whedon is good as well, since it focuses on mutants, teamwork, and trust issues. Movies such as Chronicles of Riddick is good as well, just to give you the feel of being an ex-convict.

Are there going to be character deaths in this game? Ok, this is going to be hard. Nobody likes character deaths – but to maintain fairness and realism, it is a very real issue in this campaign. While I will not actively try to kill your characters, death is going to be a heavy issue. So possibly, yes. This has Riddick, Xmen and Firefly written all over it, and all three titles are rife with character deaths. I will however avoid to make character deaths ‘meaningless’. The epic scope of the game would mean your character having a higher chance of dying while sacrificing himself for his comrades (Kamina-type death), than say, being senselessly demolished between two colliding planets (Chewbacca-death.) Of course, that doesn’t mean your character’s going to die at all. It all depends on clever play, and fast thinking in surviving the challenges ahead of you.

- Update, April 1, 2009 Character Creation day, April 4. For those who can’t make it, just send me the files and background stories via mail or messenger. :) Lets flesh it out a bit before the test run.

- Update, April 1, 2009 Tentative start (Pilot Episode) of the Campaign is April 18, Saturday. Hopefully by then, I have the stories – so I can prepare the direction your character will take in the game. So far, it’ll fetaure your characters initial meeting with the F.S.S. Acarina (your ship) and your launch to the deepest recesses of unexplored space.

- Update, April 2, 2009 I heard there are some people who can’t make it to Saturday’s Character Creation. The weather’s been iffy, so its liable that people get colds right? Anyway, for those who could come, I can provide a sample game (say a prelude for your character – prior to him/her being captured and imprisoned by the Federation) This will be short, and also a test-run for your builds. Don’t worry guys, there will be XP. LOL.

- Update, April 4, 2009 Our group’s been upped to 6, cool (especially since the original campaigns set-up was made for 6 PCs). Check the Know your Crew section to know the current players. If anyones got questions, just holler or pm me. :D

- Update, April 11, 2009 This was a very productive day for the group. All six players were present, and I were able to ask the ‘Ten Questions’ and clear up character concepts. Finalizations had also been done for each character, and I can neatly say that the day went real well, the characters had been fleshed out, expectations has been cleared, and everything seems to be up and ready for play. For this reason, I updated the Know your Crew area of the site. Next week would be the official first session of the game, and should be the origins episode. If there are any final changes to be made, don’t be afraid to holler and pm me. :3

- Update, April 13, 2009 You may notice the characters are a bit messed up right now. Worry not, I am just updating them… and taking my sweet time doing so. LOL. I’ll eventually update all of them, no worries. So guys, please do submit your character sheets/stats so that I can finalize the characters. Ja ne.

- Update, April 17, 2009 Game starts tomorrow, so this update is a bit late. Made an overhaul of the front site, making it less X-centric. Anyway rule update as well (well rule specification actually – to avoid this game from turning into David Eddings in SPACE) I’ve specified the allowed power aesthetics in the character creation pages. No Magic, no Chi-based, nor Anime-inspired powers are allowed. Also, no Quantum Theories nor Xenobiologies in the science sector, since those don’t currently exist as practical sciences during this setting. Anyway, I’ll clear things up tomorrow, since I doubt any of my players even reads this.

- Update, April 26, 2009 Added the Galaxy Map, as requested! :p I do suggest just viewing the Original Image instead of breaking your backs with the Google one… its not very visible with it.

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