The People

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The People of the Galaxy
A List of Important NPCs

Federation Personnel

Portrait Name Brief Backgrounder Rank/Position Faction
? Admiral Tsukiyama An Admiral of the Federation, obviously a lifelong military man and a renowned hero of the Second Galactic War. Honorable to a fault, his eyes nonetheless betray a certain amount of intelligent and cunning.
Casting Call: Ken Watanabe, Last Samurai
Admiral Federation
? Lieutenant Orran Voss A young inexperienced lieutenant who is forced to accompany the band of criminals to the Verge. Military trained, yet inexperienced. He still follows protocol by the book.
Casting Call: Elijah Wood, Sin City/LOTR
Lieutenant Federation
? Persephone A masked rank-A prisoner-mutant who can see through vast distances by accessing dreamstates. She works with the Federation in exchange for pardon. Is currently in a coma, but is able to communicate through the computer. Precog None
? Governor Segundus Sorran DECEASED. Planetary Governor of Thuldan Prime, second cousin of the current Thuldan Emperor. He was killed after X’s assault of the Government offices of the Imperium, overpowering the majority of his forces.
Casting Call: Bill Nighy, Underworld (Viktor)
Governor Thuldan Imperium
? Kiara Sorran DECEASED? Daughter of the Planetary Governor Segundus Sorran, who is reportedly killed by the maniacal X, after he stormed the residence. She is still widely loved by the populace.
Casting Call: Liv Tyler, LOTR
High Daughter Thuldan Imperium

The People

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