Ion Parsons

The girl whom the machines love...

“She can understand Vista better than she can understand Oprah. That’s actually a real nasty feat, you know.”

- The Captain, making 20th century references on Ion’s expense.

Ion is a beautiful young girl with a constantly confused and unemotional response to early anything. The only time that she can be seen having a human emotion is when she is with machines, and it would seem the machines echo her sentiments. While in an electrical area full of lightbulbs they would spark on and off to denote happiness that Ion is around – while other machines express their emotions differently. Parsons has a distinctive slave/tool mentality, and rarely talks to anyone – a result of her time as a slave among the seedier guilds of the Rigunmor Consortium.

Concept: The Girl that can talk to machines
Casting Call: Summer Glau, Terminator SCC (Cameron)
Crew Position: Gunner (Our very own Tankgirl!)

Known Powers

Known Powers yet to be submitted…

Other Details

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Ion Parsons was, as a child, sold to the more shadowy guilds of Rigunmor Consortium – under the Guildmaster Dion Malvarr. Used as a tool and a “machine” to raise the position of their guild – her growth as a human being has been stunted, making her almost incapable of human intimacy. Instead, she found this intimacy among machines. Born with the mutant power of technomancy, all machines she has contact with falls madly in love” with her. The specifics of this power is still a mystery, though its efficiency has made her a valuable asset to the House of Dion.

This position however was short-lived. As she grew, her power also grew with her – and her potential to wreak havoc in the technological capital was unparallelled. Crashing several systems, compormising security, and erasing valuable data among servers of the Rigunmor was but a few of what she was capable of doing.

When Dion recognized the threat she posed – she was immediately sent to the Mutant Prison, The Prometheus Detention Facility – where she is the sole prisoner kept in a standard cell and lock – away from the technological machinery of the Federation Prison.

10 Questions

Who is character? What does she look like? She is sold to the Rigunmor Consortium since childhood. Then later, was sent to the detention facility because of their growing ear for her power to control their machines. Antisocial, her time with the Rigunmor as a tool, has stunted her growth as a human. From her experience with humans as a tool had led her to avoid human intimacies.

What is your best talent? Your Occupation?
Eidetic Memory (can remember everything!) and also electronics or anything related to machines. An “Asset” and “Tool” of Rigunmor.

What is your character’s primary goal? Dream? Ambition?
Primary Goal: Help any machine to their full realization.
Dream: Live in peace with machines everywhere. A Machine Utopia.
Ambition: Just to live in comfort.

What motivates your character?
Want to be comfortable and help machines. Motivation interconnected with Machines.

Any known contacts? Family? Friends? Enemies?
Enemies: Rigunmor Consortium, those shadowy organization trying to kill her. She has no contacts – except for the machines she had contact with. Some of the detais are left for the GM.

What are your favourite and least favorite things?
Favorite: Learning; Likes all types of machines; Histories of machines..
Least Favorite Thing: Stupid people.

Who does your character trust most? Hates most? How does she handle her situation with the crew?
Trusted: Her Nanite Colony; Hated most: Rigunmor Consoritium;
As long as the crew is not stupid, she’s indifferent about them. But civil.

What is your character’s opinion of the Federation?
They should treat their machines better.

What did you do to deserve a life sentence?
Shut down defense systems of a certain area, compromising the data of the Rigunmor. Rigunmor made her do things for them, then framed her for it.

If you were to choose an actress or a fictitious character to serve as a stand-in for your character, who would she be?
Cameron; Sarah Connor Chronicles

Ion Parsons

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