The Setting

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A suicidal mission to the very edge of the universe

XCONS is loosely based on Alternity’s Setting, and a dozen or so scifi and space opera movies and novels I’ve watched and read, except for one thing… the heroes are ex-convicts. Former prisoners just out of the slammer.

Now, this setting is rife with technological advancements well beyond our time – there are Genetic enhancements that we can only dream of. There are cloning chambers, gene experiments, human-animal splicing, and many more. The bounds and depths of human ambition and depravity is endless. But there are also MUTANTS – those born with a superior genetic code than the rest. You are one of these. And you were imprisoned for the crime of simply ‘existing.’ The formal story of the Federation is that you are arrested and ‘safely’ and ‘humanely’ detained for the safety of the populace. And actually, that’s roughly the truth, just remove the safely and humanely from that sentence.

Players would play one of these folks that’s had some considerable time in the slammer. And that’ll jade your view quite a bit. But now, the Galactic Federation, those human pricks that think they’re better than you, decides to give you a second chance – to clear your name, so to speak. You were chosen because you have a knack that other folks don’t have. You are a friggin’ superstar compared to how normal the others are. Back in the slammer, nobody touches you, because you are both different and dangerous. So, enter the Admiral of the Federation, coming to your cell like you were his best buddy, and asking for your help… in exchange for your unequivocal freedom. A Second Chance.

The catch is, the second chance you’re given only has a slim chance of success, and a really high chance of you getting killed. Not that the Feds give a flying frag about you… all they want is to find out what in blazes is happening in the other side, and why no one from their stations have received any radio contact. Plus, none of their scouting parties have reported back yet – case in fact, they don’t think anyone’s coming back. They can’t risk anyone else, and that’s why they’re asking you.

Well, in this game, you are one of those folks who were stupid, stubborn or confident enough to say yes.

Voila, now you find yourself with a small eclectic crew of mutant ex-convicts as strange as yourself, a sulky federation officer, and a bio-scientist who is almost as crazy as his interests. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you are forced to ride the F.S.S. ACARINA, which may actually sound swell at first until one of your science friends point out that your starship is named after a TICK. Your mission is to explore the unknown independent vastness of space, which the human government collectively call the Verge.

They’re not hiding it, and they tell you upfront. The trip ain’t gonna be a vacation. There’s a lot of things crawling in the Verge that they don’t know yet. And most probably one of those things are responsible for all this…

So, buckle up Space Cowboy, and try to survive. Because, like it or not, humanity’s chosen you as their heroes. And the odds ain’t looking pretty in your favor.

The Setting

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