Know your Crew

Active Crewmembers

Here is a quick-listing of the active party members in the game. You guys know who you are.

Portrait Name Brief Backgrounder Crew Position Player
Crichton A Federation Captain from years ago [classified], who was left out to die in deep space from a mutiny in his ship. How he survived the ordeal is still open for speculation. Now suffers partial amnesia.
Casting Call: Ben Browder, Farscape (John Crichton)
Captain Nychuus
Prisoner X The most dangerous mutant in the known verse. A prototype for a Weapon of Orlamu gone berserk after his beloved was ‘killed’ by her own father. Truth is, she is in a coma, hidden by the government.
Casting Call: James Marsters, Angel (Spike)
None (Rogue Element) Mawf
Nathaniel Vimes An honorable yet ruthless ‘Psion’ warrior hunted by his own order for yet unrevealed reasons. Seems to have great skills with technical machinery. Just a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hates slavers.
Casting Call: Keanu Reeves, Constantine
Fighter Pilot Wowz
Dolly Jane Sweet, seemingly shallow girl that isn’t what she seems. Seems to have lost memories regarding her time with a powerful organization. Now that organization is seeking her for yet unrevealed reasons.
Casting Call: Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana
Infiltrator PanM
Aedon Talver A precognitive pilot, and a ‘lucky charm’ of the military aerospace division whose life changed when he killed business mogul Alister Cromwell for apparently no reason at all. He was imprisoned without trial.
Casting Call: Tamo Penickett, Battlestar Galactica (Helo)
Ship Pilot Vin
Ion Parsons The Girl that can speak to machines and make them fall in love with her. As a child, she was sold to the guilds of Rigunmor Consortium. In fear of her growing power over machines – was sent to a detention facility.
Casting Call: Summer Glau, Terminator SCC (Cameron)
Gunner Mads

* PLAYER LIST COMPLETE! Will update with NPCs once the game starts…

Know your Crew

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