Independent Factions

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Known Independents (Vergers)

Borealis Republic
Central Zone: Sapphire
Headed by: Grand Philosopher Justin Arimensis
The Republic of Borealis is a community of educators and the educated. It is a place of thought and training. About dozens upon dozens of schools of Philosophy is located in this place, and are also equally filled with the galaxy’s best historians, artists,and the like. Also clones and humans exercise the same rights in this place.
Comparative References: Asako, Pheonix (L5R)

Orlamu Theocracy
Central Zone: Prophethome
Headed by: First Prophet Galindus
A strange religious order that worships “The Divine Unconscious” – one of their strange terms for Drivespace technology. Orlamu remains a mystery since it is equally a scientific research facility, as well as a fanatical religious order. Eitherway, they’re creepy…
Comparative References: Order of Scientologists (Reality)

StarMech Collective
Central Zone: Chance
Headed by: StarMech CEO Adam Spiner
Is a collection of small technological corporations whose specialties are creating the best and finest of space transports and starships in the galaxy. Starmech is an engineer’s paradise, and everyone is dedicated to the study of all things mechanical.
Comparative References: ?

Central Zone: Vision
Headed by: No Formal Government
Is a more rebellious and less organized offshoot of VoidCorp. Rebelling from Voidcorp due to their methods, Inseers have created a new alternative for accessing information. Their motto is: “Information Born Free!” To date it is not yet fully organized and is just a collective of rebel programmers and hackers from VoidCorp.
Comparative References: Mr. Galaxy (Serenity)

Hatire Community
Central Zone: Haven
Headed by: The Cosimir Church; Minister Marion Rhodes
A close-knit religious community who disbelieves that science is the way to progress, instead believes that Faith is man’s only true hope. Is pacifistic, and are crusaders for peace. Hatire Communities are jovial, happy and content with the simplicities of life outside the complexities of science, and as such, their areas are virtual ‘Havens’
Comparative References: Haven (Serenity)

Lucullan League
Central Zone: Lucullus
Headed by: The Six Barons
An anarchistic area that used to be a penal colony and dumping ground of unwanted criminals by the Solar Union. In time, the prisoners revolted, and due to heavy losses – the Federation was forced to abandon the post. It is a criminal and pirate’s paradise, where nothing except power is respected
Comparative References: Nexus (Exalted)

Central Zone: Algemron Belt
Headed by: The Directorate
A community that never believed the war had ended. Until now, 30 years after the Second Galactic War – Algemron still handles their defenses… With two major Houses- the Alitair and the Galvin – they compete to gain the upperhand against the Federation’s inevitable return.
Comparative References: The Browncoats (Firefly)

Independent Factions

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