Federation Factions

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Around the Stellar Ring are powerful organizations and nations that build up the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation still stands as the most powerful force in the known universe, as it represents the united might of several nations that join together for a single goal: Peace. This peace is a very fragile one, at best, since many among the Federation’s nations have difficulties and rivalries that go back centuries hence. It is only because of the Galactic Concord, the galactic peacekeepers, that peace is achieved and maintained.

The Great Powers of the Federation

The Galactic Concord
Central Zone: Scattered through the Stellar Ring
Headed by: The Concord Assembly; Chancellor Tor Rustoski
The Federation is policed by the Galactic Concord, who act as peacekeepers and a moral compass amongst the nations. It is headed by the Galactic Court whose duty remains to protect and uphold the peace, whatever the cost. Assembled after the Second Galactic War, it has become the Federation’s mission to protect humankind both from dangers in Outspace, and the dangers from the inside.
Comparative References: The Old Republic (Star Wars); The Federation (Star Trek)

Thuldan Imperium
Central Zone: Thuldan Prime
Headed by: Emperor Regis
In Thuldan Prime, in the center of Old Space, five revolving planets around an aged Star remains the center of the Thuldan Empire. Thuldan i a highly militaristic place, and are expansionists and fascists, blieving themselves a superior race among the other human nations, and they aim to fully unite everyone under their banner. The main military force of the Federation.
Comparative References: Imperium of Man (WH 40k); Peacekeepers (Farscape)

Union of Sol
Central Zone: Sol/Earth
Headed by: Solar Council; SunLord Acron Gantana
An earthen utopia full of human naturalists, diplomats and pacifists. Sol is humanity’s central nation of diplomacy, trade and intellectual pursiuts. Solars have little need for technology, and has a certain air of haughtiness that only full-blooded nobles possess. Mutants and Alters are not welcomed in this place, as they are seen as anomalies to the natural order. Solars are political enemies with the militaristic Thuldan Empire.
Comparative References: Theed, Naboo (Star Wars); Doji, Crane Clan (L5R)

Rigunmor Star Consortium
Central Zone: Fortress Ship Oneagle
Headed by: Head Guilder Alison Breel
Rigunmor is an interstellar market, and has a reputation to harbor nothing more than merchants, smugglers and thieves. The Consortium cares little about ideals, and professes one single interest: Money and Trade. As such, being the most widely connected and resourceful nation among the Federation powers, it has risen to a position that rivals the very strengths of Thuldan and VoidCorp.
Comparative References: The Guild (Exalted)

Central Zone: Catalog, and scattered around the Verge
Headed by: The Management
The Machiavellian, order-obsessed corporation called VoidCorp respects only two things: Rank and Power. It began as the corporation Microtel, and rose as the largest, most successful business in the galaxy after the second galactic war. It owns the intricate VoidCorp GRID, an enhanced , more potent form of a stellar-internet. People born in VoidCorp areas are automatically signed into their employment… for LIFE. To leave employ means death – something they have come to call the Death Oath. Personnel have no names, but only identification numbers.
Comparative References: GenomCorp (BGC OVA); MegaCorp (Shadowrun)

Federation Factions

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