Character Creation -Step One


I always find that the easiest way to make a character concept is to liken your idea to a standard everyday character, real or not, but further describe him in ways that would make him unequivocally unique and special. This game is about a small yet quirky, dysfunctional and maybe a bit eclectic crew full of ex-cons given a second chance.

It is highly advisable that you play a mutant character (unless you didn’t notice, there’s an X in the title) But extraordinary humans at their peak condition/intelligence are also welcome. Other types, Androids, Aliens, and so forth are subject to GM consideration … so attach an awesome story with those, if you so choose to play one of them.

For game purposes, I’ll have to limit ‘unique’ characters on one per crew basis.

So, make your character unique, yet still fully human – with emotions beyond your average cardboard box character. Oh, and remember to add to your concept a bit of a criminal background… else, why would you be in the slammer?

Here are a few sample concepts Repentant Bandit, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Ex-Federation Officer, Traitor, Mutant Assassin, Escaped Laboratory Experiment, Galactic Con-Man, Out-of-Control Mutant, Guy in the wrong place at the wrong time, Prisoner of War, Government’s Secret Prisoner

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Character Creation -Step One

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