Character Creation


HERO can be an unforgiving system if you don’t know what you’re building… Very unforgiving, especially to the GM. Because of that I had to put a few limits. A normal Space Opera game usually sets it at standard Heroic point distribution. But considering the setting’s focus on mutants, genetic engineering, and psionic powers – I decided to give it the following configuration:

  • Low Powered Superheroic Campaign
  • 150 Base Points, 100 Max Disadvantages (Total: 250)
  • Characteristics: 30
  • Speed 3
  • Base Combat Values 11
  • Damage Classes 12, Active Points 75
  • Skill Points 80
  • Skill Roll 14-
  • Def/RDef 12/6

The Player Characters are all ex-convicts, humans or mutants who are given the choice to embark on an impossibly dangerous Odyssey to the unknown Space or to rot in prison for the rest of their lives. As such, the Default Race is Human or the Mutant racial package. Occasionally there are the Altered Humans or Alters, those who are either victims or volunteers of the Genetic Alteration projects of the government (or other less-scrupulous organizations)

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Character Creation

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