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The Illusion of Flight and Freedom

It is an age where man can fly, not only in the air, but through the very stars. Interplanetary Travel has become a possibility ever since the studies of Segundus Doran, a scientist who has been studying matter fission and zero point technology. In 2341, at age 78, he was able to receive a major development in his studies. A break in his studies happened when he was able to manufacture the very first spaceship engine to be able to travel in FTL speed. This has effectively made interplanetary travel possible, and much later, interstellar travel.

As soon as the first sectors of the Solaris system has been formed, namely the Orion, Saturn, and Prometheon Systems, the leaders of the United Terran Nations had formed a federation to unite the sectors within the galaxy. Thus, the Galactic Federation was born.

The Galactic Federation and the Rise of the Second Renaissance

For centuries hence, the Galactic Federation had kept the peace among the Terrans. They have united all their resources in ways of enhancing and perfecting the Zero-Point Technology of Dr. Doran. During these times, the Second Renaissance of Humankind, many different civilizations were formed and reformed. And it was during this time that mankind had begun its expansion. Planet upon planet that had the bearing (and capability) of supporting life were taken and conquered in the Federation’s rule. Once there, Chancellors were appointed, mostly diplomats and high ranking officers of the Federation, providing a means to rule the folk. In the next few centuries, peace and development had reigned throughout Humanity.

Business and Capitalism, now galactic in scale, has been remade. The market of Science and Technology has become foremost among the civilized sectors, and technicians, systems operators, and scientists have become high in demand. During is time – one business was about to change mankind forever in ways that few had the faculties to imagine. AegisCorp, a business led by an unscrupulous man named Rennan Tal, a constant supplier of government weaponry and equipment, had begun studies on advanced human and animal genetics. And it was successful… too successful.

AegisCorp and the rise of the Mutant Age

AegisCorp and its CEO Rennan Tal has, through the Prometheus Project, has gained much public interest with his boasts to “expand the horizons of mankind.” Though many of the folks also whisper in the shadows of the questionable methods they perform on their test subjects. One particular subject, the Ashika scandal, (a child of twelve being the supposed victim of scientific experimentation) has been a very heated topic among the Terrans – but AegisCorp’s deep connection with the government had rendered them an ‘untouchable’ status. Especially because of their contributions to the military. After a questionable trial and his subsequent conviction of an obscure scientist named J. Mack Olan, AegisCorp was able to clear their name… at least to the general knowledge of the public.

In 2391, the genetic studies had given birth to the phenomenon called “The Outbreak” – where the mutated gene had been unintentionally released… No one knows what it is exactly which facilitated the spread of this artificial plague, but the similarities of its symptoms and its mutations to the Ashika scandal had whirled heads towards AegisCorp’s direction. The result was that in the next ten years, reports of unwanted mutation rose like wildfire. From mutant trees that grew enormous sizes, to animals that began to grow additional limbs, and even humans who … changed.

Unfortunately, not all subjects of the outbreak had control of their newfound changes. Some went berserk with fear, as they discover strange changes on their physiology – the result ending with many deaths in their part of the sector before finally being shot down by the federation marines. There are many similar reports, where mutants go berserk, either out of fear, or out of over enthusiasm, or sometimes hubris.. Almost all of them end up being shot down or arrested. Soon, people began to realize these mutants are a danger to the community.

The Federation thus begun to take the mutants down, city per city, in a parody of a modern day inquisition, albeit this time, they were dragged to Alcatraz Sector, where they were imprisoned “for the good of humanity.” To this day, this hunt continues, and mutants strive their best to blend with humanity – outside the sights of the Federation… because their very freedom relies on it.

There are still wild areas within the Federation colonies that has been labelled as Toxic Colonies. Especially those areas where mutated wildlife and plantlife is still rampant.

The Year of the Hyperion

Mankind was finally able to reassert their authority in the 25th century. And at 2400, the ambitious AegisCorp had begun once again their Prometheus project. And rumors circulate that they use mutants from the Alcatraz sector as their test subjects. How they obtain these, while the government holds them captive is a subject of many whispers. But with the fall of the Mutant Age, another one rises – where the future of mankind had been predicted.

Their scientist Kaemil Ramses, had, in one of his many digs, uncovered a strange alien technology – a crashed ship, it seemed, and in those very ruins was to be the very beginning of the true apex of human technology. Combining the alien technology found in the ruined starship, a technology they call the Centaurean (named after Alpha Centauri), whom they believe was the original creators of the vessel.

Combining this technology alongside Quantum electrodynamics, nanotechology and wormhole theoretics had created the masterpiece of the Federation. The Hyperion Stardrive.

This new machine is able to ‘create stable wormholes’ through the use of exotic matter, though the first few experiments has had minor mistakes – like the inability to pinpoint the destination and so forth – progress eventually led to the first military use of the technology. It was this very use of the Stardrive that begun man’s expedition through Deep Space. And the subsequent obsession of humanity to find more alien technology to assimilate into their own.

NOW: The Verge Expedition

The Verge is one of the dangerous areas in deep space that is not yet fully explored – and as such, it is in the constant surveillance of the Federation. In the year 2421, all communication attempts to the starbases on the Verge has failed, and they expect the worst. The Federation is rightly worried, because the Verge is the home of many undiscovered systems, which may hold quite a number of dangers for everyone involved. Worse, they fear that the surviving Independents may be responsible for the silence… and that this may be the precursor to another long, bloody Galactic War. After an entire month with no radio contact with the Federation Starbases located in the Verge, the Galactic Concord has decided to send a scouting parties find out their situation. None has returned.

After convening with the Council, they have decided to proceed with a plan that has considerable risk. Unwilling to send any more federation scout to their deaths, they instead glance over to the Alcatraz sector. Choosing 6 men and women in death row, the most dangerous mutant criminals in Terran territory, they build a one-of-a-kind team that has the best potential of success, while at the same time, the least amount of cost. They are promised many things upon the success of the missions, among them is their freedom, a full pardon, and citizenship in their chosen sector.

The Hyperion Stardrive, still in experimental stages, is given its virgin flight in the hulls of the F.S.S Acarina, a salvaged Osakan Kimura – a 22 year old submodel of the much-outdated 24th century Osakan Skiff. It is also infamous for being the worst ship in the federation’s armory. The ship, with minimal loss to the federation funds, and with the combined mission as an experimental starflight and a Verge scouting mission with everything to gain and nothing to lose… they’ve sent their very first Ex-cons into deep space. Kept at bay with some fusion-infused collars, a detonative device as well as a field-trained Galactic Confederation Officer, in case they prove unruly or rebel against their benefactors.

Now, this small crew sent in a suicidal mission must try to survive the dangers within that unknown space, and report their findings back to the Federation. But their chances are very slim… and it is quite obvious that the feds expect them to fail. But when you have 6 of the galaxy’s most dangerous folks in a single ship, things are not always as predictable.

Brief History

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