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Bluebook Character Pages

Here are the character pages of each player character. You may click your character and contribute a bluebook accordingly.

Aedon Talver
Dolly Jane
Nathaniel Vimes
Prisoner X
Ion Parsons

What is a Bluebook?

Bluebooking is nothing more than writing out roleplaying and conversations between characters, rather than acting them out (usually this takes place between game sessions). Sometimes players feel uncomfortable acting out some scenes (such as love scenes), or want to keep some scenes private. This presents a perfect opportunity to use bluebooking. Bluebooking also has the advantage of permanence; you keep the written records of what went on, and can use them to create future scenarios. (Excerpt from HERO 5th Edition, page 552)

For short, Bluebooking is another way to improve your character’s backstories – make writeups for them to grow as characters. In XCONS, bluebooking may involve minor details that cannot be RP’d during sessions. Perhaps a scene about your character’s spare time, or perhaps a flashback from a past memory to flesh out your character’s emotion. Sometimes you may even replay events from a recent encounter – then give it a more detailed, character-centric value in the writing. Perhaps your character, despite rolling and attacking in the battle – was frightened, and just didn’t show it. Or perhaps killing those enemies made your character secretly happy, and the joy he experienced troubled him. These and many more make up a really great Bluebook addition.

Regarding Experience

I’ll be giving away extra XP for those who write up bluebooks for their characters at a rate of 1-5. There will be a limit on how many xp you may gain per week however… a maximum of 1 bluebook submission per session that’s already done.

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