Prisoner X

The most dangerous mutant in the known verse...

“In the bottom of the Prometheus Detention Facility is a prisoner with no name. All they know is he has killed hundreds of warriors in a single day, shut down top rate federation defenses, singlehandedly overpowered the Federation military, infiltrated the Federation offices, and killed the Planetary Governor Segundus Sorran. The most dangerous mutant in the known galaxy. For that, he has been given a single letter to denote his entire being: X.”

- Lieutenant Orran Voss

A scarred, silent man with a deeply brooding demeanor. He talks little, but when he does, his words bears the tinge of a bitter truth – sinister and eloquent. He speaks with a british accent, with a swept up hair and bearing that makes him appear formidable. He bears no visible weapons, but is undeniably a dangerous combatant nonetheless. The air seems unnaturally cold whenever he’s in the area, and an unwelcome breeze always permeates in the room.

Concept: The most dangerous prioner in the galaxy
Casting Call: Vin Diesel, Chronicles of Riddick

Known Powers

Harnesses the power of an unknown class of psychic being

Other Details

Other details yet to be submitted…


Originally a missionary named Alhazar Ilhomden, Prisoner X was foremost amongst the ‘Guardians’ of the Orlamu order.

A missionary by profession, he was tasked with spreading the light of truth to the poor people of the galaxy. By chance, one one fateful day as he first reached the small Olramu community in the undeveloped parts of Thuldan, he met Kiara Sorran and fell in love with her. Their bond was phenomenally strong and even the Kiara’s Father, the Planetary Governor, thought it best not to keep the two apart. The Olramu were impressed by this phenomenon and decided to use it as the foundation for one of their greatest creations ever. Thus, Project Astaroth was born.

The Olramu were masters of the development and use of purely psychic mental constructs. It was something they kept secret from outsiders but made an integral part of their doctrine and mythos. While few even recognized its existence, they took advantage of it as their technological niche. But the Olramu were searching for a new and greater way to use their guardian spirits. Alhazar with his faith in people and Kiara with her analytical yet open minded demeanor were the perfect candidates. The project was meant to create a psychic mental construct made from the emotional bonds and passion of two dissimilar people in love, one that could eventually gain the ability to bring the galaxy to a harmonious union within a mortal lifetime. While not quite a new concept, it had never been done before on

However, something went wrong.

Through yet unexplained political reasons, Kiara’s father, Segundus – killed her – catapulting a chain of events so great that it shook the very planet he stood on. The ‘death’ of Kiara scarred Alhazar greatly, and his emotions of love quickly transformed into bitterness and vengeance. The mental construct also changed, manifesting an insane and unstoppable rage. Right then, Alhazar died and Prisoner X was born. The next few moments are now remembered as the ‘Massacre in Thuldan’ – a tragedy involving in a hundred deaths, and economic crisis, massive destruction, and the televised death of a supposedly well protected Planetary Governor. It took an occupation force of the Federal Military to subdue X and handle the situation.

He was since then imprisoned in the basement of the Prometheus facility.

Not privy to confidential Olramu information, the government considers him an unknown type of mutant. Needless to say he no longer fits the normal parameters for the Guardian of an Ethereal Mental Construct. They are loathe to execute him, not knowing what would become of his mysterious protector entity once freed from all physical bonds. The Olramu have informally disowned him in public, calling him a disturbed individual and praying for his redemption. Within their folds, he is considered a fallen one who has failed their duty to the order. The general public only knows him as the fearsome mutant who showed the galaxy how vulnerable it really was and caused the worst socio-financial crisis of the century. Even he doesn’t understand what exactly he has become.

10 Questions

1. Who is character? What does he look like?
He is the most feared prisoner in the Federation prison system. Not from the quantity of crimes, but on the gravity of the single crime he committed. Neutralized through maximum force, and still remains to be an unidentified mutant in the facility. Only dubbed as Prisoner X. He is in his late 20’s, having been imprisoned for five years, and has become a brooding figure that rarely talks. When he talks, it sounds sinister yet eloquent.

2. What is your best talent? Your Occupation?
Host/Guardian of the experimental Orlamu Project – unnamed as of yet (A Mental Construct to function as a embodiment of Emotion of Love/Passion/Desire); He was chosen because of his Clarity of thought and great passion for his work(high EGO score)

3. What is your character’s primary goal? Dream? Ambition?
Before the tragedy: He wanted to bring harmony to the entire human race, and beyond.
After the tragedy: He wishes to Redeem the construct he feels he has ruined.

4. What motivates your character?
He’s motivated by his ideals – thinks of concepts, ideas, etc. His original aim was the betterment of humanity, but now realizes he has fallen far from that ideal. His main stumbling block is currently does not know any way to improve the state of humanity nor to redeem his construct. And now is forced to find one – despite the restrictions given by the world around him. (Functions outside the law.)

5. Any known contacts? Family? Friends? Enemies?
(Contacts to be given); Mid level family, High positioned brother antagonistic towards Alhazar. Friends with many important people in the planetary government, got along with them. He was courting the daughter of the planetary Federation government… Killed the Planetary Governor.

6. What are your favourite and least favorite things?
Favorite Thing: Old Literature.
Least Favorite: Latest Fashion.

7. Who does your character trust most? Hates most? How does he handle his situation with the crew?
Trusts his Construct and machines (They don’t lie and aren’t malicious.); Someone who would betray their own kin (especially their daughters) – for short anyone that resembles the dead Governor in temperament and moral compass. Note that the governor was outwardly quite friendly. Prisoner X keeps alone, doesn’t talk, and is the bearer of bad news. But he pulls his own weight.

8. What is your character’s opinion of the Federation?
Blind misguided fools with much power.

9. What did you do to deserve a life sentence?
Broke into and entered a secure government facility, killed planetary governor and his entire security crew on a system-wide broadcast network, and in the process destroyed much military and economic data as well as documentations for an ongoing treaty. Collapsed an economy.

10. If you were to choose an actor or a fictitious character to serve as a stand-in for your character, who would he be?
Riddick with hair

Prisoner X

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