Aedon Talver

The pilot who can see the future... but can he avoid it?

“I don’t understand it, Judge. Prior to Spiner’s Murder, Lt. Talver has always been an honorable citizen. Best pilot in the force, polite and respectful to authority, a model citizen! I just don’t get it, how he can smile and shake the hands of a man one second, and break his neck the next. It’s just beyond me.”

- Federation Attorney Kelly Ames, on Talver’s attack.

Aedon Talver has been pessimistic his entire life. This is because he is a precog. He can take glimpses into the future, and he does not want what he sees. He often inserts snide comments in every conversation, just to drag it down, but deep inside wants to believe in a better future than what he sees. He is a primed and fit man still in his youth, and bears a sharp militaristic attitude. He bears shortcropped dark hair and often sports his old Federation pilot uniform.

Concept: Precognitive Pilot
Casting Call: Tamo Penickett, Galactica (HELO)
Crew Position: Ship Pilot/ Engineer

Known Powers

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Other Details

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Born from a small family in the home cluster, Aedon could not grow up in a normal child hood even if he wanted. It was hard to keep a happy and optimistic view on life when you knew how thing would generally go wrong. After all he knew his parents relationship would go bad even before it did. He knew his brother would get into gangs and drugs, which would eventually lead him to jail. Here he tried to subtly help his brother avoid this but event still lead to Davion downfall. As such he develops a rather cynical personality that tended to see the darker aspect of life.

Wanting to get away from his dismal life Aedon signed up for the military. He quickly signed up for their aerospace division cause while flying is plane in open sky or deep space his gift/curse bothered him the least and he was generally free. Minimum visions made his time in the plane his most enjoyable time. When he could he transferred from active duty to test pilot and flying the most complicated machines. Eventually his reputation grew and he even became a sort of lucky charm in the industry as any plane he choose never seem to crash or have any bad accidents.

However his life his a painful crossroads. He met the StarMech CEO Adam Spiner. A wealthy investor of one of the new aircrafts he would be flying. He was a known investor in a lot of military technology so it was natural that he would be in the aerospace development. However one day as the two shook hands Aedon’s mind flashed with a horrific image. This man would use his power and influence to start the next genocide and this one would end up stretching the planets. Acting a split second decision Aedon reached forward and snapped the mans neck right there in the party. But realizing what he had done he slowly raised his hands in surrender.

10 Questions

1. Who is character? What does he look like?
Precognitive since childbirth, couldn’t find peace in his small community – so sought freedom in being a fighter pilot for the Federation. (Galactic Concord) Unfortunately met the CEO of StarMech, Adam Spiner, and saw his future as the destroyer of worlds – so without any other choice, he killed him Late 20’s. Exactly like HELO (from Galactica) in appearance. Quirks: Generally pessimistic character. Injects snide and sarcastic comments in every conversation – but deep down holds a very small sense of hope. Wants to think positively, but cant because of his PRECOG power.

2. What is your best talent? Your Occupation?
Best talent and Occupation: Unmatched Piloting Skill, called the ‘Lucky Streak’ of Federation Airspace. Also incredibly Lucky. Test Pilot of prototype starships.

3. What is your character’s primary goal? Dream? Ambition?
Primary Goal: Find a place of peace away from the horrors of his power. (Trying t find a way to control the outpouring of his precognition)
Dream: Find a way to use his power to better humanity, or finding utopia. (A Faraway dream)

4. What motivates your character?
See above

5. Any known contacts? Family? Friends? Enemies?
Estranged Family, brother, mother and father. Left them at an early age.
Friends: Bunch of friends ala X-wing comrades.
Enemies: Starmech Executives out for blood.

6. What are your favourite and least favorite things?
Favorite Thing: Ship he calls his own. (Previous ship is in the frontline of the military)
Least Favorite Thing: Hate the Future. And he sees it all the time.

7. Who does your character trust most? Hates most? How does he handle his situation with the crew?
Ex Flight Squad: The Skulls
Hates Family.
Polite yet distant attitude with the rest of the crew.

8. What is your character’s opinion of the Federation?
A Necessary evil.

9. What did you do to deserve a life sentence?
Killed Adam Spiner, CEO of StarMech labs, because he saw him as the next Hitler.

10. If you were to choose an actor or a fictitious character to serve as a stand-in for your character, who would he be?
Helo, from Battlestar Galactica

Aedon Talver

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