The legendary captain infamous for abandoning his crew...

“He’s experienced the loss of a ship and crew before, and if we are to believe his words, mutiny as well. He won’t let something like that happen again. Believe me, Senator. He is the best man for the job.”

- Admiral Tsukiyama

The noble, yet hard-headed, and stubborn captain of the old ship NEMO, who (according to history) abandoned his crew to the mercies of slavers. Crichton knows, more than anyone alive, the technology of the 21st century – their lifestyles and popular lifestyle. As a result, he’s been known to make 20th century references all the time, with no one else understanding it. Stubborn to a fault, he does not know the meaning of retreat, and has caused much problems with his less-courageous crew.

Concept: Cryogenically frozen captain
Casting Call: Ben Browder, Farscape
Crew Position: Captain

Known Powers

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Other Details

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Captain Cristoph van Archon Tonvald is floating through space after being thrown out of an airlock due to a mutiny on a Federation battleship for reasons unknown (they wanted to surrender, the captain had other ideas). That was very long ago.

Years later, a body is recovered in deep space, frozen solid. The science cruiser that picks it up later discovers weak life signs, to the disappointment of the lead scientist who wanted to ‘open it up and see what happened’.

Scorching and dirt on the inner lining of the Federation uniform identifies the body as Cri* *ch Ton**, thus the body is named “Crichton”. Two days later Crichton; later identified as the missing captain who abandoned his post in cowardice, and left the remaining crew to their damnation at the hands of slavers. A court session later, and he’s aboard the Acarina.

10 Questions

1. Who is character? What does he look like?
Legendary captain from year ago [classified] who is unfairly given the reputation of a captain who left his crew under the mercy of slavers. The truth was, he was abandoned in deep space to die, after a mutiny. You planned to ram and self-destruct the ship, they instead surrendered. Opponent was multiple slaver ships, who ahd an inside job inside your ship.
Quirks: Ambitious. 20th century references, drifting in space hearing the 20th century info in space.

2. What is your best talent? Your Occupation?
Ship Captain years ago. He has no official position in the Federation right now.
Best Talent: Resolve. (If there’s a chicken race, he always ends up ramming the other – and he will win)

3. What is your character’s primary goal? Dream? Ambition?
Primary Goal: To clear his name and find out the specifics buried under mountains of Red Tape.
Ambition/Dream: Gain his own independent fleet/nation.

4. What motivates your character?
See above

5. Any known contacts? Family? Friends? Enemies?
Don’t know, most likely all are dead. Was married before he got frozen.

6. What are your favourite and least favorite things?
Favorite Thing: Love the Captain’s Seat and “Kicking Ass” (Doesn’t know why he says that word)
Least Favorite Thing: Bureaucracy.

7. Who does your character trust most? Hates most? How does he handle his situation with the crew?
Trust and Hates his first Mate. (Trusts before he threw him in the airlock, hates him after he does so)
Crew: See who goes for the captain seat first, and show everyone how insufficient he is.

8. What is your character’s opinion of the Federation?
Doesn’t believe in the Federation’s unifying policy, but he prefers that compared to pure chaos.

9. What did you do to deserve a life sentence?
Abandoning his post, cowardice as a captain, blamed for the death of his crew. Better life sentence than death by example.

10. If you were to choose an actor or a fictitious character to serve as a stand-in for your character, who would he be?
Ben Browder, John Crichton from Farscape.


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